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College Notice

75% ATTENDANCE is compulsury for all students of the College including B.A./B.Com./M.A./B.C.A./B.Ed.

B.C.A. I Semester Examination was succesfully complete



Terms & Condition

A-The Parents/Guardians are expected to ensure that the children/Ward abide by the Rules andregulations mentioned in this form and the school diary. Parents/Guardians should Check the diary daily for behavioral progress and development reports of the students,sign the same,and also
extend the necessary co-operation to the school in all such matters

B-The Director/Head of School expects all student to attend the college the school regularly and be punctual at all times.persistent latecomers will be sent home after written warning.

C- The students should be courteous and respect all fallowing members

D- The Students should be come, with notebook and textbooks,as required on a day-to-day basis.All home Work given to students should be complete in every respect by the specified dates.

E- Student are required to abide by the code of conduct listed below.

No. student shall indulge in any of the fallowing practices namely:
    1-Disfiguring or otherwise damaging any college property.
    2-Rowdyism, rude behaviour&bullying.
    3-Use of violence in any form.
    4-Casteism & communalism.
    5-Use of inappropriate language.
      Violation of code of conduct will lead to written warming,suspension,and finally expulsion.